Essential Events compiles event information for you and takes it a step beyond others by including the “little” facts which make a “big” difference, e.g., dimensions of offered meeting space, number of complimentary rooms per booked room, parking charges, etc., all so you can make the best informed decision possible.  This is especially vital when comparing multiple cities as they all have different room tax, gratuity percentages, etc…

We understand corporate deadlines.  We understand your need to review our information ahead of your deadline.  We understand you want to know not only what properties have availability, but those which don’t as well.


We are not affiliated with any hotel, resort, agency or chain and thus are free to canvas ALL properties that might meet your needs including the national chains as well as the city specific independents.

Essential Events is efficient, thorough, and committed to the success of their events for everyone involved.  Their knowledge of the hotel’s business needs and ability to marry the customer’s wishes with those needs makes them second to none in our industry.
- Hotel General Manager
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