With the ability to juggle multiple clients, we also have the ability to juggle multiple events for one client.  We welcome the opportunity to arrange multiple hotels, including the identification of a host hotel, to service your housing needs be it a city-wide event or a nation-wide or international series.

We have the capability to do secure, on-line registration with real-time results. Our staff works with yours to ensure a seamless transition of information which is vital to your participants and the success of your event(s).



Taking venue location into account, transportation needs of your participants, last minute team changes, etc…are all issues to be addressed among many others to insure a positive experience.

Our IT department has the ability to create an individual website within 48 hours should you wish to channel registrants to a personalized website. 

As with all of our client programs, we leave no stone unturned.  Let us do the leg work for you.

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